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Why a Lot of Medications Need a Prescription

Every person can remember the moment in his life, when he was ill, but there was no time for visiting a doctor. Especially, it concerns a pain beyond sufferance. In such cases people just go to the drugstore and buy medications no prescription. Of course, only if it is possible. For example, if pain relievers or antitussive drugs contain codeine, you cannot get them without prescription. The fact is that the pills with codeine are often bought in quantity by drug addicts, who "cook" a hard drug – deomorphine – an expensive alternative to heroin.

Deomorphine dependence is much stronger than heroin one. And this is not the only danger. Deomorphine, do-it-yourself, is called “the crocodile” not accidentally. This substance leads to the appearance of the never-healing ulcers on the hands and feet of a sick person. The man begins to rot alive, and the only way to be treated is the quadruple amputation.

Let’s return to the subject. Remember that self-treatment may be harmful ad dangerous. So, even if there are a lot of medications without prescription, you should consult a physician before taking the medicine. It is still all right to take anesthetic pills once. But if, let’s assume, you have to remove a headache regularly and you think that the only remedy, which helps you, is the medicine with codeine, it gives rise to appeal a doctor. Check our Latest blogpost: How to buy medications without prescription. Codeine itself does not relieve, it only enhances the action of other substances included in the tablet. But it is really addictive.

Thanks to prescriptions the realization of such drugs is regulated, and those traders who ignore ethical standards are reproved. On a large scale, a pharmacist always sees who came to him for the medicine – a usual patient or a drug addict.

The other thing is with buying medications online. No one can see you, so there is no person, whom you have to show the prescription. That’s why the only possibility for you is to select an appropriate drug. The rules for the online medicine are the same: to choose the drug off the OTC list. E.g., you know that Ambien (sleeping draught) is on this list, so you can easily buy ambien no prescription.

With reference to other patients, there is nothing to worry about. They shouldn’t complain about the complexity of prescription drugs’ acquisition. The arsenal of helpful medications without prescriptions is impressive. For further details Click Here.


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